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Unsecured Personal Loans Are Not Out of Reach for Those With Bad Credit

It might seem that once credit scores have gone downhill that the chances of ever getting an unsecured personal loan is more or less gone for good. This thinking is based on the fact that banks and other mainstream lending institutions want to avoid the risks that come with applicants with low credit scores. But there are other lenders worth considering.

The problem is that recovering from bad credit ratings usually requires getting another loan to prove that repayments can be made on time. If it is possible to be approved for an unsecured loan for personal use then it would provide a great opportunity to do this. However, while collateral like home equity can be highly influential in a loan application, personal loans that are unsecured require something more. And that is the trick.

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Finding a Lender

The question is how lenders willing to provide this chance for financial rescue can be found. Simply visiting banks, credit unions and other financial institutions to fill out unsecured personal loan application forms is not going to reap very much success. This is because the mainstream lenders are usually hardest to convince, preferring to follow their strict criteria to the letter. When the economic climate is bad, they are usually the first to batten down the hatches.

When it comes to someone with a poor credit rating and high monthly bills, getting personal loans that are unsecured, alternative lenders are more sympathetic to applicants, though every application is generally judged on its merits. Looking online is one possible answer, where the best options exist. However, some established financing companies can be sourced in the media too.

Check the Lender Out

Regardless of where you source a potential lender, make sure to know who they are. Getting any loan, not just an unsecured loan for personal use, is a risk for the borrower too and not knowing who the loan is coming from can be a route to disaster. So, be sure to check out their website and company history and, most of all, consult the Better Business Bureau for info on their activities.

It may seem unnecessary, but there are incidents where individuals have applied for an unsecured personal loan, filling out the online form, only for the company to use that information for their own means. Risks are part and parcel of personal loans that are unsecured, but such practices are against good ethics, and any complaints against a company will be filed with the BBB.

It is also worth visiting the numerous online financial forums, where people with first hand experience on a vast range of topics share information. Getting a recommendation from them could save a lot of searching.

What the Applicant Can Do

Seeking out an alternative lender is fine, but there are some things that the applicant can do to increase their chances of getting an unsecured personal loan. The first is to apply for a relatively low sum. This reduces the principal at risk for the lender, ensures a manageable monthly repayment amount, and usually means a shorter period of debt.

Generally, unsecured loans for personal use are not large in size, since they are usually used to cover excess or unexpected bills. However, if a larger sum is needed, getting a cosigner is a very effective way of securing an approval stamp for personal loans that are unsecured. That is hardly surprising, since the co signer is expected to cover any default, so the risk for the lender is basically halved.

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