Saturday, June 14, 2014

Unsecured Loans Are Available to High Risk Borrowers

There is a definite school of thought that the worse your credit history, the closer to impossible it is to get an unsecured loan. It does make logical sense that lenders will stay clear of individuals who do not have a good credit history, but the fact is that loans are available. Yet, perhaps the source of considerable surprise is the fact that there are even loans for high risk borrowers available too.

The difference between someone who has bad credit and someone who is high risk is simply the extent of the bad credit rating. A person who has not made repayments regularly on an existing loan, or who defaulted completely can have a bad rating. A high risk borrower, however, has no possessions of any great value, no home and no car, factors that should make them the last candidates for unsecured high risk loans.

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Loan Entitlements

There is little chance that any lender will have an open ended range of unsecured loans for anyone, never mind someone who is considered high risk. The loan limit is strictly adhered to, with a maximum of $25,000 and a minimum of $1,000 available. Even on a low income, this type of loan is affordable because the repayments can span up to 25 years.

There can be no surprise at all that the interest rates of loans for high risk borrowers are higher than for regular loans. This is simply because of the higher risk that is involved, but it is worth noting that there are enough lenders competing in this niche market that it is possible to find an unsecured high risk loan with a good deal too.

Small Loans over Short Periods

The secret to being successful in applying for these unsecured loans is to show restraint with the amount that is sought. While the primary motivation for getting such a loan is the need for extra funds, borrowers also know that this is an opportunity to begin to rebuild their credit rating. For this reason, lenders are willing to take the risk, but they are much happier if loans for high risk borrowers are kept low, perhaps a low as $3,000.

Crucially, however, the terms of repayment must suit the borrower. The amount per month must be low enough to not add any further financial strain, and to ensure the payments are not skipped.

However, unsecured high risk loans should not be spread over too great a period either, because regaining credit rating can only be achieve by successfully repaying the loan in full. The more it takes, the slower the progress.

Making a Application

Once again, it is the online lenders that are happy to issue unsecured loans, but the size of this market has ensured that there are many options available to the consumer. And because there are so many lenders that offer these loans, consumers can compare rates and make an educated decision on which unsecured high risk loan is right for them.

It would seem that loans for high risk borrowers should be complex, but completing the application could not be easier. Within minutes, an applicant can have filled out the online form, providing all of the relevant details, and with a 24 hour processing period, an unsecured loan can be approved and accessed very quickly.

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