Monday, May 12, 2014

Large Unsecured Bad Credit Loans: Can You Qualify for $50,000?

If you have a need for a large personal loan, say $50,000, then there are a lot of odds stacked against you in the current economic climate. Large loans are hard to find since many banks and traditional lenders are not willing to take such a huge risk without reassurance in the form of collateral, so qualifying for a $50,000 unsecured loan is tough.

The other side of this equation is the kind of relief that $50,000 can offer to those in a bad financial position. Yet, the amount is so high that many people cannot find private lenders, such as friends and family, to help them out. That is why it is important to step away from the situation and try to weigh your options logically.

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Traditional Lenders Are Tough

As I mentioned earlier, the likelihood of finding a traditional lender to help you out with a large unsecured loan is very slim. These lenders are strapped themselves as a result of the financial meltdown of the last few years and reluctant to lend to even the best of borrowers without collateral.

These institutions will put you through a very thorough background check which will include looking into your credit, employment history, and residency. Only those with the very best of backgrounds will even be considered. The lack of collateral in an unsecured loan or personal loan makes many banks nervous since there is little to fall back on should you default in your payments. They need to be certain of your ability and intention to repay them.

Job Status

Obviously, unemployed people have a special need for money. Especially if you have been out of work for awhile, an infusion of cash could mean the difference between paying your bills and filing for bankruptcy.

However, those without a job will not be able to qualify for such large loans. The lender has very little guarantee that you can pay him back. In addition, even those with a steady job and a decent wage will be denied if they do not make enough money for the lender's taste. Generally, you need an annual income above $100K to even be considered for a large unsecured loan.

Facing Reality

The only hope left if you have bad credit, no job or a low salary, and a need for a $50,000 loan is to find a cosigner. However, the person cosigning your loan needs to meet the same criteria outlined above in terms of credit score and annual income to be of any help.

In addition, any cosigner you may find needs to be willing and able to take over the payment of your loan should you default. So if you cannot find someone like this, consider looking for a smaller unsecured loan of around $2,000 to $5,000.

Final Considerations

Whether you opt to go for that large loan or a smaller one to tide you over, it is important to make sure you do your research into anyone you may borrow from. There are a lot of internet lenders who will scam you for personal information or charge you obscene fees described in the fine print of your loan paperwork.

That is why it is important to approach the loan process with caution. Make sure you find a reliable lender and that you take out a reasonable amount of money that you can repay on time. This way, you can begin to rebuild your credit and get the $50,000 you need in the future.

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