Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Unsecured Funding - Within Short Reach For Right Candidates

Unsecured loans are way harder to obtain than secured loans. Being a way higher risk for lenders, unsecured loans do not feature any sort of collateral, such as a home or a car. Secured loans minimize the risk of default since there is an asset of value to be repossessed and sold should a borrower fail to pay. In case of no collateral, it is way harder, if not impossible at all, for a lender to recover the losses associated with loan defaults. There are, however, unsecured loans available from a number of lenders. To qualify for such, you have to have a decent history of timely payments.

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Regular Lending Procedures

Typically, collateral is required by a bank in order to underwrite a loan. This is especially true with loans featuring large amounts. In exchange for funding a borrower passes the right of possession of collateral, usually a home or a car, to the bank in case of a default. More and more lenders today eliminate the need for collateral for prime loan candidates.

Getting an Unsecured Loan Requires Some Preparation, Research, and Legwork

Should you be looking to obtain an unsecured loan, a number of preparatory steps are required to make your loan application successful. Since there is no collateral requirement enforced by the bank, there is a thorough screening procedure of candidates to limit potential losses. Therefore, such loans are not given to everybody walking through the door.

Good credit history is a number one requirement. Before even considering applying for unsecured loans make sure you have taken every possible step to make your credit rating look impeccable. Getting a copy of your credit report along with credit scores from major credit bureaus is a must. To avoid putting unnecessary inquiries on your credit file it is always better to call up potential lenders first to find out what minimum credit score they require to get qualified for an unsecured loan.

In case your credit score lies within acceptable range, go ahead and make an application over the phone. The lender would typically come back to you with a quote shortly. Under no circumstances do not jump on the first offer: take your time to shop around for more quotes from different lenders. Unsecured loans feature higher interest rates compared to secured loans and it is crucial to save yourself some money by finding the lowest interest rate possible. Should your credit score be on the top of the board, you may be able to get the lowest rates offered to you.

Unsecured Borrowing Is Not For Everybody

If your credit history is below average, do not even bother to apply - you would get turned down. People with poor credit history present the largest risk of default to banks. They got less to lose compared to prime credit borrowers, who risk losing their perfect credit ranking by making late payments. Therefore unsecured loans should only be considered as a borrowing option for candidates with really high credit scores.

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