Monday, May 5, 2014

Guaranteed Unsecured Loans - 24 Hours Is All It Takes to Get One

Has the word REJECTED appeared on every application you have submitted to get a guaranteed unsecured loan. You just might not be considering the right venues. Very ready, very willing, and very able typifies the attitude you will find from most online lenders who are willing to offer an unsecured loan. While many lenders promise to have your loan funds in your bank account within 24 hours.

No More In The Glaring Spotlight

Many lenders check your credit, ask about any valuable assets you may have to use as security or collateral. On the other hand, online lenders do not subject you to this glaring spotlight. You will not have to answer questions about your credit report. That horrible process is not usual with private lenders.

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Smooth Shopping

Invoke your net browser and punch in these words: Unsecured Loan. Cash Advance. Payday Loan. With either of those choices, you will be rewarded with scores and scores of lenders willing to lend a cash hand. Pick and choose among them and find five or six that look comfortable to you. Then make a preliminary application with each.

Read the Fine Print and Be Careful

You need to scrutinize any contract before you sign. Read the fine print. Most lenders out there are wonderfully honest, but there are some who will promise you the world, take a few fees and your private financial information and then disappear. Check the Better Business Bureau to see their ratings and read customer feedback regarding them. Online borrowing forums can help you, too.

You Are the Boss

Once the lenders have responded to your applications -- and you will be surprised how fast that will be - pick the one who suits you best regarding the interest they may charge, any administrative fees they may charge, and the time they give you for repayment. Never accept a lender who is condescending or treats you as if they are doing you a favor. You are doing them a favor.

Easy Applications Are the Rule

Even though there is not one question regarding your assets or your credit history, the lenders to require a bit of information. They want to see that you have been employed with the same employer and how much you make. This is easily proved with pay stubs or a bank account record of your direct paycheck deposit.

Who Are You and Where Do You Live?

Lenders will want bona fide government I.D. Offering a driving license, military I.D., passport, or something similar should suffice. They will also want to know where you live. You can prove this with a utility bill that bears the same address as your I.D.

Get the Money in Your Bank

Lenders also want to see that you have a checking or savings account. You can prove this with bank statements or other bank credentials. Lenders like direct deposit accounts for fund transfers. Often, but not always, they will ask for a post-dated check. If you do not have a bank account, some lenders will give you a prepaid debit card for a small fee.

What a Difference a Day Makes

Soon you should have your fresh cash sitting in your bank account, usually within 24 hours, but it could be sooner. You can use the money as you see fit. Hopefully to fix your emergency. Keep your end of the contract, you are setting yourself up to be eligible for future loans. And keeping your end to the contract will do immeasurable good to your credit ratings.

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