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Cash for the Jobless - Unemployment Loans

Employment figures threaten to reach double digits anytime. Could ten-million unemployed become a reality? Unemployment is so widespread that if you are not among the ranks, you know somebody who is. Unemployment is a huge stress to single individuals. People with homes and families really have it hard. The government has attempted to alleviate the suffering by extending unemployment benefits, offering subsidies, modification of mortgage programs, but these attempts at amelioration are often not adequate. Government help is barely able to cover immediate life expenses, forget about college for the kids, car repairs, or any unexpected need for cash. People fortunate enough to have had the wherewithal to tuck away for any emergency are watching their savings quickly decrease. Others are just on the verge of survival, homelessness being the next step.

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Unemployment Loans

For those who did not have the ability to tuck away rainy-day cash, there may be some good news. Some lenders have shifted their focus to service the needs of those unemployed by the shrinking economy. A market certainly exists for these lenders. Loans to the unemployed are becoming more popular as unemployment rises. Lenders are relaxing their employment qualifications. Unemployment loans, similar to other personal loans, are offered in two forms: secured and unsecured.

Secured Unemployment Loans

Borrowers in general, not just those unemployed, perceive loans that have stringent collateral requirements as a negative sort of transaction. It stands to reason that many folks do not like risking homes or vehicles to secure a loan. Especially when the repayment is so contingent on the vagaries of unemployment. But, secured loans do have advantages over unsecured loans. They offer lower interest rates, better repayment terms, and more generous amounts.

Unsecured Unemployment Loans

Unsecured unemployment loans are most popular due to the less stringent requirements and less difficulty in getting one. Individuals who do not have home equity, because they rent or just recently purchased a home, use these most often. Despite the popularity of these sorts of loans, they do have a couple of serious drawbacks: High interest rates. Quick repayment terms. These are part of the deal because of the increased risk of default to the lenders.

Finding an Unemployment Loan

The lending marketplace has plenty of lenders who are now catering to the unemployed. By shopping around it is easy to find a loan that is ideally matched to your particular circumstance. And you should shop around because rates and terms vary widely from lender to lender. The internet is the best place to start your search for these loans. The companies there can usually get you an offer within minutes and you can get quotes from many different lenders without obligating yourself. Never take the first offer - shop. Online application can save time and legwork.

Beware of Some Unemployment Lenders

As we are all well aware, identity theft is on the rise. Be sure you are dealing with a legitimate lender and not some one who is just phishing for info to steal your identity. Criminals are generating legitimate-looking websites just to cherry pick personal and financial information. Research the company thoroughly before handing over any data. Check with the Better Business Bureau or state authorities. Read online reviews from borrowers who have had experiences with the lender. Just be careful. Unemployment is enough of a hassle without adding identity theft on top of it.

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